Water Supply and Sewage

Striving to achieve a 0.01% future for a better relationship between people and water

Does something come to mind when you hear 0.01%?

0.01% is the percentage of all the water resources on earth that are immediately usable.
Even on earth, which is described as a “water planet,” water resources available for immediate use are very limited. It is our role to remain comprehensively involved to ensure that this limited resource that is so essential for our daily lives is sustainable into the future. Making used, dirty water clean again is also an important role to fulfill, both for resources and for the global environment.

Through water supply and sewage plans, piping design, and design for treatment plants, pump stations and other facilities, we help facilitate the stable supply of safe water and contribute to recycling and treatment activities.
When you turn on the tap, you can drink water. When you use the toilet, you can flush. We are doing our best each day to ensure those daily experiences continue to be available, and indeed, expanded to more people around the world.

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