Resource Recycling (Waste Products)

We provide total support for all aspects of waste processing businesses to promote the formation of a recycling-oriented society.

Photo courtesy Saitama-shi Sakura Clean Center

To promote the formation of a recycling-oriented society, we primarily provide services to support municipal waste processing.
We examine separation and disposal methods for the waste generated by daily life and business activities, devise plans designed to form a recycling-oriented society in the future (basic waste processing plans), and engage in the design, construction supervision and monitoring of incineration facilities, recycling centers and final disposal sites that process and dispose of waste appropriately. In this way, Pacific Consultants is involved in every aspect of businesses related to waste processing from upstream (planning) to downstream (construction supervision and monitoring).

We are also involved with a range of services related to waste disposal, including advisory services that utilize (PFI / PPP) private-sector knowledge, experience and know-how at waste processing businesses, disaster waste-related services, and support services for waste projects in the private sector and overseas.

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