Geotechnical Engineering (Geology, Geotechnical, Hyrdology)

We use ground technologies to provide quality lifestyle infrastructure that is resilient against disasters.

Falling within the Asian monsoon region, the Japanese islands experience a great deal of rainfall and boast extensive groundwater. As Japan is situated on the circum-pan-Pacific orogenic belt, the topology features large undulations from low-lying land to mountainous areas, and is formed with ground of varying levels of hardness. In mountainous areas, which account for 70% of Japan’s landmass, forests devestation continues due to population decline and economic transformation. This exacerbate cases of slope failures and land slides due to torrential rains, which cause sediment displacement damage all over Japan. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011, frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity have signaled to us that the Japanese are a people who have constantly fought with and overcome natural disasters. The geotechnical engineers at Pacific Consultants are striving to utilize ground technologies as national land management tools and solve various issues so that people can enjoy piece of mind and live in good natural environments for living on these thriving Japanese islands.

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