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We propose business models in new markets and business domains overseas.

Pacific Consultants foray into overseas business began in the 1950s, and that history reached to all corners of the world in step with Japan’s growing economic power. Reorganized in 2008, our overseas business unit not only deals with official development assistance (ODA) projects, but has also expanded to engineering services to meet the needs of Japanese companies responsible for infrastructure exports and other countries seeking Japanese infrastructure technologies.
With a focus on emerging and developing countries, Pacific Consultants utilizes the technologies and experiences it has accumulated in Japan to take on the challenge of various international projects. These endeavors include the formation of industrial complexes based on engineering associated with infrastructure, route development for municipal railroads, the construction of smart communities, and the development of transportation systems including ports, harbors, railroads and airports, as well as PFI projects using private-sector funds related to energy development, disaster risk reduction and management, water businesses, waste processing in major cities, and global warming countermeasures.

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Pacific Consultants boasts an extensive track record in Japan and overseas as a pioneer in comprehensive construction consulting. Our consultants are ready to respond extensively based on the latest information to any questions from order placement representatives.