Environmental Energy

Achieving a low-carbon society through environmental energy projects linking cities with regional areas.

In urban areas, we seek to reduce the burden on the environment through the more efficient use of energy, while in rural areas, we look to deploy energy projects that utilize the resources available in the region. Through these efforts, we can expect a population shift from urban to rural areas, enabling future town development with more space in urban areas. These shifts will also revitalize rural areas and lead to economic development.
We offer the following services, including measures promoting the introduction of renewable energy and energy-saving measures, as part of an approach to building a low-carbon society through environmental energy:

  • Research in the field of environmental energy and policy-related services
  • Planning and project development services based on an environmental energy-focused approach
  • Energy project feasibility study services
  • Energy project engineering services (technical examination and assessment, design, supervision, etc.)
  • Energy project support (examination of risks, licenses and permits, application support, monitoring, etc.)

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